Sunday, February 14, 9999

First Post

This blog is an attempt to help us dispel our illusions and cease the worry and stress we inflict on ourselves. It is based on observations and hypotheses, but does not purport to have definitive answers. 

The posts appear in the chronological order in which they were written. Blog software displays posts in reverse chronological order, so to get around this, each post has been given a year starting at 9999 and working backwards. This way, the first post I wrote will always appear at the top (because it has the "latest" date), and the last post I wrote will always be listed at the bottom.

While the years are incorrect, the dates and times are correct. For example, the actual date of this post is February 14, 2015. The days of the week will be incorrect about 6 times out of 7, because the blog software calculates day-of-week based on date and year, and the years are incorrect. For example, the day-of-week of this post is Saturday, not Sunday.

Note that times are Pacific Standard.

Credit for the term "selfing" goes to Paul Hedderman.

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