Tuesday, February 28, 9989


What is spirituality?  The act of being who we really are.  Acting from our core, the “heart”, the “soul”, the “spirit”.  In short, spirituality is simply a matter of not selfing.  It is a way of thinking, or, rather, not thinking.  When we are spiritual, we understand, forgive, and allow.  We do not judge, resent, steal, or hurt.  The true self does not want any negativity to happen to anyone.

Spirituality lies beyond the mind.  It exists not in ancient texts or mysticism or having particular religious beliefs.  It has nothing to do with wearing robes or burning incense or meditating in a cave -- those are all activities of the body and/or the mind.  Spirituality transcends body and mind.  It
refers only to the real us.  It goes beyond the things we can see and touch, beyond our thoughts.  It is to be found not by praying to a Supreme Being, but by dropping the false ideas of worldly accomplishment and eternal salvation so that we may find the peace that is already within us.

Are we spirits, i.e., non-physical beings temporarily driving organic bodies?  This cannot be proved.  However, it does not matter where our true selves are concerned.  We have a peaceful, harmonious center.  That is our “spirit”, whether physical or metaphysical.

We hear people refer to “my spirit” or “my soul”.  This is a syntactical error.  “My” implies something other than us.  My car.  My house.  My money.  We don’t have a spirit; we are a spirit.

We also hear the term “spiritual journey”.  What is that?  To where can a spirit journey?  Only a body journeys.  A spirit has no location.  It does not go from here to there.  What happens in a spiritual “journey” is that we simply become more aware of both our real and our false selves.  We “journey” from ignorance to wisdom.