Monday, March 3, 9986


We constantly “solve” problems, never realizing that the only problem is the very self we pretend to be. Lack of money, beauty, accomplishments, popularity, or what have you, is a “problem” only in the context of the erroneous belief that we must have more of them. If we would see through the lie and realize the conscious entity we truly are, then the false self would disappear, and consequently so would all of our “problems”.

The false self guarantees that we will always have “problems”. The entire premise is that we are always in a state of lack. As soon as we solve one “problem”, something else that we had previously given little or no thought to will become a “problem”. For example, if our problem is that we don’t earn enough money, we might look for and find a good-paying job. Will we be perpetually happy from then on? Of course not. We will then tell ourselves that we’re overweight, or not good-looking enough, or that we don’t have enough friends. We will be no happier, no more at peace, than we were before we got the job.

What is the point of “solving problems” when our state of well-being never changes? Why live a stressful existence of continually putting out fires? The only way to have perpetual peace is to drop the idea that we never have enough and that we must keep gaining/improving.