Thursday, July 2, 9896

The Importance of Things

When we allow something to bother us, it is because we give it more importance than it deserves. We ignore who we are and focus on a particular thing to the point where we make it our entire world. Without the light of our own being, external things seem to be very important. But if we are conscious of our true self, external things have much less effect on us. It can be likened to a candle. If there is no other light, it makes a big difference whether the candle is lit. But if there is light from another source, e.g., a light bulb or the Sun, then the candle ceases to be important.

We might observe the mountains-out-of-molehills behavior in others. For example, a child becomes upset when he loses a toy. We, from our more learned position, see how trivial this problem is. But the child cannot see that. Well, we still get caught up in mind-made drama of our own sometimes.

We are much bigger than any worldly object or event. No matter how big they might seem, we are bigger because we are the space that contains them.