Saturday, September 7, 9940


Peace is not a thing, separate from us, that can be obtained. It is an aspect of our true self. It is always there.  When we feel agitated, it is not because we don’t have peace – it is because we don’t notice the peace. Usually we keep ourselves agitated by striving, either physically (acquiring, doing, putting up a fa├žade) or mentally (thinking, believing, desiring, regretting, worrying, resisting). The peace that we naturally are gets obscured by the noise we create.

If we try to acquire peace, it is because we feel a sense of lack and we are resisting the moment. We then create more agitation and distraction via thoughts, activities, and relationships. Even meditation can hide our inherent peace if we do it with a striving mind. Our resistance to what is, our thinking that things should be different, and our effort to change what is, are precisely what hide peace.

The only way to be peaceful is to cease our mental and physical efforts. When we stop creating activity and noise, the peace that we naturally are will become noticeable because nothing will be drowning it out.